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Paper Plants - Fern
  • Paper Plants - Fern

Paper Plants - Fern

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Paper Plants - Fern (Blister)
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Paper Plants Laser-cut

GSW's array of realistic laser-cut paper cutout plants for making forest, jungle, swamp, or beach vegetation easily and effectively. Easy to assemble and to paint. 


Carefully separate from the frame. It is recommended to use an airbrush to paint them but they can also be painted carefully by brush. Avoid using too much paint so as to not excessively dampen the material. Leave to dry completely before assembling. Assembly can be done using PVA glue or any type of glue, but it is especially recommended to use cyanoacrylate glue (LINK). Using varnish after painting adds resistance to plants.


1 Sheet of 9.5x14.5cm
Quantity of Leaves: 4 combined leaves, 12 single leaves, and 4 spirals.


1/48 - 1/35 - 1/32

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