Libertos Freedom Fighters (Light Shotgun)
  • Libertos Freedom Fighters (Light Shotgun)

Libertos Freedom Fighters (Light Shotgun)

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It’s time to recover lost pride, to take up arms and rise up against the oppressor. The time has come for us to fight to regain our own destiny. And if it means that we must kill each and every one of the PanOceanians on this planet, and all those traitorous submissive slave Omn who collaborate with them, then so be it! Death to the PanOceanian oppressor!


Do you believe yourself to be safe? Do you believe the Police will protect you? You might be wrong. Police investigate crimes and suspects, but they cannot prevent them. That means they are powerless to protect you… The operatives in our Corporate Security Units stand out for their impeccable training and record sheet

Blister with:

  • 1x CSU (Boarding Shotgun)
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