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Mud Effect Medium 30ml
  • Mud Effect Medium 30ml

Mud Effect Medium 30ml

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Mud Effect Medium 30ml (Bottle)
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Mud Effect Damp mud effect in a air-drying transparent acrylic paste, easy to apply on all surfaces. When mixed with pigments or sand it is ideal for simulating muddy terrain, wheel prints, dirty vehicle underbodies, and other concentrations of mud and dirt. Thanks to its crystalline and glossy finish, if used unmixed, it will also allow you to easily create minor water effects such as water streams or icicles. A single greenstuffworld mud-effect bottle will allow you to create them all. You no longer need to buy lots of mud-effect bottles in different colors or densities, because you can create them at ease. Drying time of 4-8 hours depending on the thickness. Contents: 30ml waterbased transparent acrylic Mud Effect
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